The Hurricane has been in existence since 1983, when it was first produced as the Vincent Hurricane.
It is now being made by Caburn Engineering after passing through several hands on the way.
There are more than 50 Hurricanes on the road and there is a Vincent Hurricane Register, run by Robin Vincent.  (See link below.)

27 September 2000

Hurricanes at Stoneleigh 1999

The Hurricane is not a kit car in the usual sense. It is a direct replacement for the Spitfire or GT6 body and fits to the same chassis using the same fixings. It is designed on the same principles as a steel body, with inner and outer wings and sills, but has no rust problems. It can be made as a kit car by obtaining an old Spitfire or GT6 and a Hurricane kit, or as a replacement body if you already have a rusty 'donor' which you would like to keep going.
The bodyshell is partially stressed and works with the chassis in making a rigid car - much more rigid than the chassis alone, and this helps to  give the Hurricane excellent roadholding.
The picture shows the fibreglass parts of a kit. In addition, you will get a mounting kit, new door hinges and brackets.
Other optional extras are available, such as hidden boot hinges and catch, grilles and dashboard. What you need will depend on your budget and how much work you want to do yourself.

Car Tax and Registration
The Hurricane is normally based on the chassis and running gear from one vehicle, and if so, the original registration will be retained. The car will need to be MOT tested, and the local Vehicle Registration Office  must be contacted to inspect the car. Car tax rules for older vehicles, i. e. historic vehicles, should apply if the original registration is retained. You will need to check this as the rules keep changing.


Self coloured Glass Fibre can easily fade and change the car colour. Also, repairs are not easily carried out. If you can afford it, the best solution is to spray the car after fitting all parts and then removing them.

Parts needed
The complete running gear from the source car, plus sundry items from some models, such as Windscreen and Hood Frames, and rear lights. Windows, winding gear and door locks are re-used.

The Hurricane is straightforward to build, especially if you have a donor car which works but is rusted out. The work will then be a body change. If you decide to rebuild the donor's mechanical parts, then there is a lot more work to be done. If you buy a donor as a box of bits, then there may be even more.
You have many choices with a Hurricane, going for an economic car by using second hand parts and making grilles etc., or going for quality and buying new.

Dave Hitchings
Caburn Engineering Ltd.
18 Greenhill Way
Haywards Heath, West Sussex
RH17 7SQ.
Tel. 01 444 450 007
Fax.01 444 410 377

or Andy Hitchings  01827 895 331

Basic Prices:
Body Kit 3000.00
Grille - Front 60.00
Grille - Bonnet Side 25.00

Small Brochure  s.a.e.  (9 x 6)
Full Build Manual 2.00
(or log on to 'Build Manual'.  A copy in Word format is available on request.)

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