The BSA Scout was introduced in 1935, with a 9 h.p. Engine, the output being about 26 bhp, from 1080 cc. The Scout is front wheel drive, one of the first British cars to be built this way. The cars shown here are Series 1, identifiable by horizontal bonnet louvers.

My first BSA Scout, bought in the 1960’s, run for a while and then restored. The picture shows it not long before being sold, in the 1970’s. This was a 1935 model, and was in reasonable condition after a large number of miles after restoration.

The current Project—a Scout built in 1935 and registered in 1936. It is all there, but the condition is obvious from the pictures. There is a lot of work to do here, but it’s all worthwhile. The plan is to get the car back to the original condition, even though some items have been altered.

It doesn’t look very happy in transport to it’s new base!

Progress—The engine almost complete. It had been rebuilt, but not assembled correctly, and it was taken apart again and put together properly.

23 October 2011

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